*15%-23.8% Tax

If you are a profitable U.S. exporter,        you may qualify for up to 20% tax savings, depending on your income level, through the Export IC-DISC Program.

Increased Business

With Export IC-DISC reducing your taxes, your company can sharpen its margins and win business over the competition.

More Money for You

Beating out your competition and paying a 15% – 23.8% tax rate will put more money in your pocket.

Did You Know?

    • Exporters can get a tax break through a U.S. Government sponsored IC-DISC.
    • An IC-DISC allows a significant portion if not all of your income related to exports to be taxed at 15% – 23.8%.
    • The IC-DISC tax benefit is available to ALL Qualified Companies and Taxpayers.
    • Large companies have been the main benefactors of IC-DISC’s because of the high costs charged by CPAs and consultants.
    • Export IC-DISC allows your business to have an IC-DISC giving you the same competitive advantage as large businesses for a fraction of the cost.

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What is IC-DISC?

    • An IC-DISC is NOT a Tax Shelter
    • IC-DISC income you receive is Qualified Dividend Income taxed at only 15% – 23.8%
    • Benefits under an IC-DISC are NOT RETROACTIVE
    • IC-DISCs are part of the U.S. Tax Code
    • An IC-DISC is a specially elected corporation
    • An IC-DISC files an 1120 IC-DISC tax return
    • IC-DISCs have been part of the U.S. Tax Code since 1984
    • IC-DISC stands for Interest Charge – Domestic International Sales Corporation

We Offer Services for…

    • Incorporation
    • Corporate Documents and Agreements
    • IRS Designation Election
    • IC-DISC consulting
    • IC-DISC Commission Calculations
    • Prepare and Sign Form 1120 IC-DISC tax return
    • Prepare and Sign IC-DISC State filings
    • Serve as your IC-DISCs Registered Agent