Increase Your Tax Savings and Manage Cash Flows

While Export IC-DISC’s Complete IC-DISC Solution will result in significant tax savings for you, even more tax savings are possible!  Export IC-DISC provides additional IC-DISC services that can be used separately or in combination to serve different purposes depending on your company’s needs.

IC-DISC Savings Optimization

  • Export Related P&L Analysis – Unless 90% or more of your sales are exports, chances are that Export IC-DISC P&L Analysis will result in additional tax savings.
  • Time Period Analysis – Analyzing your company’s financials and exports by specific time periods can result in significantly more IC-DISC savings.
  • Transaction-By-Transaction Analysis – Depending on the information you can provide Export IC-DISC, we will analyze each and every export transaction which can result in significantly more IC-DISC savings.
  • Combination Analysis – By combining two or more of the Optimization methods, you can obtain the ultimate in IC-DISC tax savings.

Improve Cash Flow Management

  • More Frequent IC-DISC Calculations – Moving money through your IC-DISC more frequently may help with your company’s cash flow management.
  • Improved Cash Flow management means you can be more competitive today which may lead to more sales because of pricing optimization that you can afford because of savings you realize sooner.
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