An Affordable Turnkey IC-DISC Solution

Export IC-DISC has refined its services for many years in order to offer small businesses the same opportunities as mid-size and larger corporations have for a fraction of the cost. Our services include EVERYTHING from incorporation to calculations to preparing and signing of your IC-DISC tax return.

Services / Fees:

For ONLY $5,000 we will provide all of the following Services for your turnkey IC-DISC:

  • Incorporation – Export IC-DISC will work with you to structure your IC-DISC’s ownership in the most sensible fashion for your business.
  • Corporate Documents and Agreements – Export IC-DISC will prepare all Documents and Agreements necessary and provide them in an easy to follow binder making all signature actions very clear and concise.
  • IRS Designation Election – Export IC-DISC will provide you with a completed IC-DISC designation election form to sign, along with an addressed/postage paid envelope for Export IC-DISC to complete your Election filing.
  • IC-DISC Consulting – Export IC-DISC is available to you and your CPA for answering your IC-DISC and related questions. Export IC-DISC is not taking place of your current CPA.
  • IC-DISC Commission Calculations – Export IC-DISC will complete all IC-DISC Commission Calculations for your IC-DISC and provide you with simple instructions on how to ensure your tax savings are captured.
  • Prepare and Sign Form 1120 IC-DISC tax return – Export IC-DISC will prepare and sign your IC-DISC tax returns. While our competition will “guide” you in filling out your IC-DISC tax return, or prepare it for you without a signature for much higher fees, WE STAND BEHIND THE WORK WE DO.
  • Prepare and Sign IC-DISC State filings – Export IC-DISC will also prepare and sign all required IC-DISC State filings with the State of Texas which is where your IC-DISC will be incorporated. The reason for choosing the State of Texas is because the IC-DISC is recognized as a non-tax paying entity by Texas. Also, because Export IC-DISC is located in Texas, we can serve as your registered agent to help control your costs.